Why 4K UHD

The standard in high-quality video has taken another quantum leap, quadrupling the resolution of HD to immerse audiences in stunning, life-like imagery with 4K Ultra HD.

A new palette of over 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160) is available for content producers and designers, enabling a new level of audience engagement through a compelling visual experience.

The 4K Ultra HD Difference:

  • Delivers 8,294,400 pixels, 4x that of HD resolution
  • Heightens image contrast, visible detail, color saturation, and depth of field
  • Pushes the limits of video to create a film-like experience, resulting in live content as dramatic and dynamic as pre-produced content
  • Audiences are treated to beautiful, crisp imagery with super fine detail
  • Offers unmatched pixel density per square inch on enormous widescreen displays
  • No widescreen blends – brightness levels of up to 45,000 lumens for edgeless widescreen setups without blend or content limitations
  • 4K Ultra HD by LMG supports a true 4K UHD signal through every component of the system, for uncompromised clarity and unparalleled image quality